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Dr. Mohammed Al Houqani had his postgraduate training at University of Toronto. He did residency in Internal Medicine, followed by fellowships in both Respirology and Sleep Medicine.

sleep study

Sleep Study

Overnight sleep study in our sleep lab attended by technologist. The study will help to diagnose sleep related breathing disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

cpap titration

CPAP/BIPAP Titration

In-lab study to calibrate continuous positive airway pressure therapy used to manage sleep-related breathing disorders.

cpap initiation

CPAP/BIPAP Initiation

We provide you with adequate information & education on using the machine and mask fitting.

cpap compliance

CPAP Compliance Follow Up

We are GCAA approved to provide CPAP compliance report for all pilots & air traffic controllers.

pulmonary function test

Pulmonary Function Tests

We provide pulmonary function tests including:

  • Spirometry

  • Pre & Post Bronchodilator

  • 6-minuets Walk Test

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